Sarah Cowan HCHD, HCHI, SM

Ever since high school, when a classmate mentioned Unassisted Childbirth, Sarah has been fascinated with all things involving birth.  After her son was born, she realized her calling was to support women and their families as they welcome their little bundles of joy into the world!  She is a Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypno-Doula, has received birth doula training through Birth Arts International, and dreams of one day becoming a midwife.  Sarah is comfortable attending births in both hospital, birth center, and home settings.  Her goal is to help you have the best birthing experience possible.  She has been encapsulating placentas since Novemeber of 2011 and is bloodborne pathogen certified to standards set by OSHA.  She has encapsulated nearly 400 placentas!!

She became a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor in 2015.   She is very passionate about Hypnobabies and loves spreading all of the wonderful information these unique classes have to offer for expecting families.

In December of 2012, Sarah founded the Middle TN Breastfeeding Support group.  A Facebook group connecting nursing mothers and mothers-to-be across Middle Tennessee.  There are over 900 members and it continues to grow every day!  Most recently, she has founded the Cookeville Birth and Babies Community to provide support and resources for mothers through pregnancy, birth, and beyond and Middle TN Postpartum Support.

Sarah is co-director of Intact Nashville as well as a member of Intact Tennessee and Intact Clarksville/Fort Campbell.  As a birth doula, she advocates for moms-to-be’s body autonomy and informed consent which is extended to their babies as well.  She believes boys are born just as perfectly as girls and the decision to have their genitals cosmetically modified should be left to the child.  She is happy to answer questions, dispel myths, and provide information about circumcision.

On a personal level, Sarah is the mother of a wonderfully spirited son, Atticus John, was born at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in October 2009.

Sarah is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a homebirth midwife via the North American Registry of Midwives’ Portfolio Evaluation Process.  She is currently completing her Primary Under Supervision (intern) phase under the mentorship and tutelage of Marilyn Greene-Campbell, CPM-TN with A Birth at Home.