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February 2nd, 2012

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AnnaLee- November 2, 2017

November 2nd, 2017

Kelsey and Justin invited the A Birth at Home team to be a part of their journey to meet their second baby.  Every step of the way, Kelsey stayed so confident in her birthing plans!  Even during the last two weeks of her pregnancy, she didn’t give up.  She was patient and trusted that her body knew what to do when it was ready.   It was an amazing honor to witness such a peaceful, healing, and empowering birth!  PS: I am the first “MWA” mentioned in this incredible story!

By Kelsey H.

After around 2 weeks of prodromal labor…Around 3pm yesterday I started having the contractions, MW Apprentice (MWA, I will say from this point on) came and checked me at 530pm and I was a tight 3. Around 730pm I took some benadryl to try and calm my body and laid in bed with a heating pad on my back on low. That worked until 945pm. I jumped up and got in the shower as my moaning through the contractions wasn’t working anymore. At 10pm I asked Justin to message MWA and see if I could go ahead and blow up and get in the pool. By 1030pm I was in pool laboring, intensely while Ares (my 2.5yr old) splashed around the pool . Once it got too full we pulled him out, and husband was helping me through contractions. At 11pm I told Justin to ask them to come on over, around 1138pm I had Justin grab a cup as I wanted him to pour water onto my back from the pool. He went and got the cup and put the ICE COLD cup to my back!! During this I was contracting and screamed out “NO POUR”, my water broke!!! I yelled out, MY WATER JUST BROKE. He jumped up and called MWA whom contacted everyone else, and then he contacted the birth photographer.
Around 12am it was getting more and more intense. MWA attempted to check my dilation twice but couldn’t fully tell as every time she would go to check a contraction would push baby girl downward. By 12am, the Midwife and the photographer had come into the house and was settling in. Around 1218am the last of the MW team (another MWA) arrived. Within 10 min at 1228am AnnaLee made her appearance.
I could not talk, as I was fully concentrated on my body. I reached down and with one push I felt she was crowning, two more pushes her head popped out. Then the MWA yelled out “THE HEAD IS OUT!” And everyone sprang into action. With one more push with the next contraction her little body came swimming out. My initial thought after pushing out her head was, Man she’s got a tiny head!

No ONE knew I was pushing, nor that she was crowning! MWA was applying some AMAZING pressure to my lower back this WHOLE time which helped TONS!

So with only 1.5 of active labor, Miss AnnaLee Elise came swimming into this world mighty fast weighing in at 6lb 13oz and 19.5in long.

I will not lie. I felt like giving up MANY times when the pain would get so intense. But I knew with each contraction that baby girl was closer & closer to being here.


Elliot- November 10, 2014

December 28th, 2014
It was an honor to be invited to Karen and Drew’s first birth and even more of an honor to be asked to come back for their second!  Every baby has their own birth story and they are usually vastly different from their siblings- Elliot’s birth is no exception.  It was so amazing watching Kinsey become a big sister!   This birth story is written from Drew’s perspective.

Birth Story 2:

The Crowning


Karen (mama)

Drew (papa)

Kinsey (daughter)

and Introducing Elliott (baby boy)

Supporting Cast:

Bundle of Joy Midwifery

(Talitha and her assistants- Karen, Lee Ann, and Katherine)

Des Moines- videographer

and the return of:

Sarah the Super Doula/Rising Moon Birth Services

It was a cool November Sunday night. Karen had been having contractions over the weekend but they had slowed almost to a halt. I had been in contact with my boss to keep him updated about whether or not I would be at work that Monday. Given the current status, I informed him that I should be showing up.

Per the usual routine, I was rubbing Karen’s back to help her sleep. Her contractions had picked back up and she was timing them and sending them to Talitha and Sarah. After timing several regular occurrences, I was wrapping up the massage while Karen transmitted the info. Just before she hit “send” and I rolled over to get some shuteye, Karen vocalizes in discomfort (as is the norm at this stage in the pregnancy). But, this sounded just a bit different:


“You ok?” I asked, thinking I knew the next thing she would say.

“I think my water just broke.”

“Do I need to smell your panties again?”

“No” she said as we noticed the pool of fluid collecting.


Time for a baby!


Karen let Talitha and Sarah the Super Doula know and we went into action; making the bed, inflating the birth pool, and whatever else could keep me busy. After several minutes of hustle-and-bustle I grabbed Karen, stopping her in her tracks, hugged her, and prayed over her, our family, and what about to be an incredibly exciting, scary, and wonderful experience. We collected ourselves and continued onward.

Lee Ann was the first to arrive. After all, since we didn’t tell any family what was happening, we needed someone to watch Kinsey. Next, Talitha and Karen arrived. They entered the house with the grace, care, and confident professionalism that I’ve come to Love them for and began attending to Karen.

Super Doula Sarah arrived on-scene shortly thereafter and did what she does best- physically and emotionally supporting Karen. Once I knew my dear bride was in good hands, I went to the store to find vegetarian-friendly food for all the hippies that just invaded our home. As I left the store, Super Doula Sarah asked me to pick up a shower curtain in case Karen (who had been in the birth pool in the living room) were to give birth on the couch. After discovering that Kroger doesn’t sell such wares, I had no other choice but to go to Wal-Mart where I was stuck in line behind some extreme couponers who broke the register.

Do I yell, “Please hurry! My wife is in labor!”?

Better not. Don’t really feel like explaining why a four-dollar shower curtain is keeping me from being with my laboring wife. I’ll be patient. Besides, Super Doula Sarah was keeping me posted and sending me pictures of Karen looking very much at peace.

Back home, I enter into a very peaceful scene: Karen was physically in the pool but, mentally, in another world. The birth staff were in various stages of prep and sleep. After trying to stay awake, I was encouraged to get some rest since we were almost guaranteed to be in for a long night (see Kinsey’s birth story).

I have no idea how long I slept. I vaguely remember being awakened. But, it could only mean one thing: things were progressing and it was time to jump in the game.

Really, so much of the wee hours are a blur. Lee Ann had to leave around 1:00 and Katherine came in to take her place. Karen was having strong, painful, regular contractions in our bed, and Kinsey woke up around 7:00 Monday morning.

Since Super Doula Sarah has a great relationship with Kinsey, she took the first shift with her; playing, watching movies, and napping on the couch. Eventually, I had to take over and let Super Doula Sarah get to work. At this point, my presence in the bedroom was intermittent as Kinsey can’t stay still for more than six seconds.

As Karen progresses further and further along, I ask her best friend Amy to come and watch Kinsey.


Now, we’re getting serious.


In the bedroom, Karen has continued to progress and was in a significant amount of pain. Joining us are Talitha, Karen, Katherine, Super Doula Sarah, and Des Moines. We do not have a large bedroom.

I stayed on the bed with Karen, while she screamed, cried, and worked harder and harder to push this kid out. I was having some flashbacks to Kinsey’s birth and the transfer to the hospital but I never lost faith in God and the prayer we prayed the night before nor in my wife’s superhuman ability to bear children.

Staying fixed to her side, face-to-face, my heart broke over and over as she suffered through this labor. I had already decided that my previous plan of catching the baby was no longer a reality as I couldn’t break myself away from Karen’s side. However, as the dynamic in the room changed and I had removed myself from my locked-in position, Talitha called me out for wimping out of catching. So, I did what any red-blooded American would do and pridefully declared that I would be catching my child and that it would be my hands that this kid felt before anyone else’s, damn it. Ok, it was much less dramatic, but that’s how it happened in my head.

Mirroring Kinsey’s birth, the baby was having trouble moving past a small lip in Karen’s cervix. But, with my brave wife draped over her birth ball, Talitha was able to reach in and move the lip out of the way for baby to move on past. Even the crowning was reminiscent of our previous experience. This baby was coming out curly hair first.

Now, the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

The head was out, cheeks all scrunched up. I had been dancing and shadow boxing like a moron to keep my blood pumping in preparation for this moment. Talitha asked if I was ready and with a flick of her finger, my son was in my hands.

“Baby, we have a boy!” I tearily screamed while being showered in blood and fluid. I passed him up to Karen immediately for skin on skin time and let this amazing staff continue to do their job. I lost it. Finally, after all Karen’s hard work and hours of keeping my own emotions in check, my son was here. I slumped over and sobbed while Des Moines gently placed her hand on my shoulder in comfort.

I pulled myself together and ran down and grabbed Kinsey to come meet her brother. After about a minute of staring, she was in Love with him. To this day, almost four weeks later, she can’t stop kissing, hugging, patting, and generally loving on him.

I am blessed beyond words. Two amazing little ones and a wife that makes Chuck Norris look like a girl scout. I’ve seen Karen endure more pain than anyone I’ve ever known. She never gave up, no matter how much her body wanted to.

I have a small list of heroes; a list of people who put others above themselves, sacrifice anything they have to- up to and including their own life, and do what is right and good because it’s right and good. My wife tops my list.

We are so proud to introduce Elliott Michael Wallace Porter to the world. Born on November 10th 2014, at home, through adversity, strife, and Love.


Elliot Porter

Elliott Michael Wallace Porter

Kinsey- April 18, 2013

May 21st, 2013
It is very rare that a family will invite a doula to their homebirth and each time it is an amazing honor.  When Karen, Drew, and I had a meeting the evening of the 16th, I had no idea I’d be back at their house early the next morning waiting to meet their beautiful baby!  I am absolutely amazed by Karen’s strength and determination along with Drew’s unwavering support and trust of the birth process while running on little to no sleep!  Sometimes births don’t work out as planned despite every effort but Karen listened to her body and knew what she needed to do in order to bring her baby into the world.  Kinsey’s story is written from her Daddy’s point of view!

By Drew P.

On April 17th at 1:30 a.m., my wife, Karen, was in labor in our bedroom. We were having a home birth and I was in position to catch our baby. We had been incredibly excited to not only meet our baby but to also discover the gender of this little one we had been waiting to meet for so long.
Almost suddenly, I could see the head beginning to crown- full of hair- and just moments away from making entry into our world. After just a few more pushes, our baby was in my arms. Before I had the chance to announce the gender, I passed our new baby off to the midwife and promptly passed out. After I awoke, I was amazed and thrilled to see my beautiful wife nursing our son.

“Drew…” I heard Karen calling to me from our bathroom, waking me up. Ah, it was all a dream.
“Yeah?” I replied with a surprising burst of energy.
“Either I peed myself twice or my water broke. I hate to ask you this but… could you come smell my panties?”

Without hesitation, I ran to the bathroom to accommodate her request. It wasn’t pee. It was time to fulfill the dream from which I just awoken. We decided to call Jennifer, our midwife, to see what our next step should be. She suggested we try to get some sleep. Karen stayed awake while I tried to get a little shut eye. An hour later, I was wide awake and ready for this adventure.

While determining how we were going to proceed, Karen reminded me that we had not yet done our belly cast because we weren’t due for three more weeks. So, at 4:00 a.m., I was covering my pregnant wife in plaster to ensure that we wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

With the belly cast complete, it was time to shower and get ready for the day. There was a lot of work to be done, including setting up the birth pool. There was a small problem, however, as I had not yet asked to borrow my dad’s air compressor to inflate the pool. This presented another issue; we were not planning on telling anyone that we were in labor but, instead, making an announcement that our birthing time was over and we had a new baby. Luckily, my dad can keep a secret.

After calling dad and asking him to bring the compressor, our super doula, Sarah, was on the way. Soon, the birth pool was inflated, Sarah and I had coffee, and dad was on his way home with a little secret. Since the pressure waves (contractions) were consistent but not intense, Karen wanted to go see her chiropractor. Don’t worry, the midwife approved this decision as long as she went after rush hour was over. Sarah drove her to the chiropractor and I used that time as an opportunity to collect myself and relax a bit as I wasn’t sure how long this process would take.

While the ladies were gone, I prayed a lot, cried a little, pulled myself together, and waited on the birth photographer, Tana, to arrive. She arrived shortly after 10:00 a.m. and I helped her get settled in. Now, we just had to wait for everyone to get back and we could get cracking.
As the day progressed, so did the labor. Pressure waves were intensifying and Sarah and Karen were doing some exercises to encourage the baby into the proper position while listening to the Hypnobabies tracks. The mood was very calm and peaceful combined with an electric excitement in the air.

Jennifer, our wonderful midwife, showed up around 3:00 after resting up for the day. She continually monitored Karen throughout the birthing time and was very optimistic about our experience. After a few hours, Karen was dilated somewhere between one and four centimeters and Jennifer, Sarah, and Tana had decided to go home and get some rest as it seemed that this was going to be a long prodromal labor. As pressure waves intensified, and came closer and closer together, we called everyone back around 10:00 p.m. and prepped the birth pool.
Karen was doing an amazing job using her hypnosis to deal with the pressure waves and stay focused. We spent a lot of time in the tub while our team kept filling it with hot water and we all aided Karen. This was the pace for the next several hours. Beginning at 1:00 a.m., the pressure waves were more intense than expected and dilation was stuck between six and seven centimeters. Our baby’s head was not moving into perfect alignment with the birth canal and labor was officially stalled. I have never seen someone in so much pain in all my life. At 5:00 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, April 18th, Karen proclaimed that she was done. She was exhausted and simply couldn’t physically continue.

Our original backup plan was to transfer to Stone Crest but Jennifer advised that they were not used to home birth transfers and would quickly resort to a C-Section. So, the decision was made to transfer to Centennial Hospital to get an epidural and some rest. With my hazard lights flashing and Karen acting as my siren, I drove as quickly as I safely could to get to the hospital. This was when I realized that I had to, at all costs, hold it together for Karen. She was screaming in such agony that I was at a loss about how to handle it. I had no one to hold accountable for my Love’s pain and I was completely, 100% helpless. There was nothing I could do except get her safely and quickly to our destination. It’s an almost damning thing to be that completely helpless.

Upon arrival at the hospital, I hurried Karen out of the car and she and Jennifer went into the OB emergency room. I was required to wait while my wife was triaged and checked for signs of domestic violence (apparently, this is policy). When I was told that I could go back and see her, I was relieved. I found her lying in a bed with IVs protruding from her and the pain was still unbearable.

Finally, a room was assigned in Labor and Delivery. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I stayed behind to fill out the necessary paperwork and eventually joined Karen, Jennifer, and our new nurse who was ending her shift. Karen made sure that everyone on the floor was aware that she needed an epidural. She was promised that she would receive one but it was then delayed when it was discovered that her white cell count was twice as high as it should be, indicating an infection. Now, on top of having to finish a bag of IV fluids, we were informed that she would have to finish a bag of antibiotics and then wait 30 minutes. Well, this didn’t sit well with Karen, and I was now concerned for the safety of hospital staff.

Our nurse had ended her shift and an angel in the form of our new nurse, Elaine, arrived on-scene. She immediately was able to help Karen breathe through all of her contractions. She was a breath of fresh air in this chaotic hospital environment. The doctor finally came in and was able to fast-track the epidural and gave her some Fentanyl to take the edge off in the mean time.

More and more hospital personnel came in to administer different tests, poke and prod my wife, and ask her the same questions over and over and over. But, it was finally time for the highly coveted epidural.
This is where another part of my dream would come true.
As the doctors and staff prepped to administer the epidural, they asked me to sit on a stool next to the bed, facing Karen who was sitting on the edge of the bed. I placed my left hand on her right shoulder to comfort her and to keep her sitting straight as they administered the epi. A couple of minutes passed and my arm started to change color. Not having slept or eaten in a day or so, my blood sugar had dropped tremendously and , in turn, my blood pressure did, too. I turned to Elaine:

“Hey, Elaine.”
“Hey, I’m gonna pass out.”

Next thing I knew, I was waking up on the floor. I apologized to Karen for taking the attention away from her and we continued with the whole reason we were there.

The meds began to take hold and Karen was able to relax and rest. Sarah and I went to the cafeteria for lunch. Shortly after out bellies were filled, Elaine began to guide Karen through the pushing process. A mirror was placed so that we could see our baby being born. We watched the head crown and marveled at how much hair we could already see. As the final push was approaching, the doctor and his sterile minions came in with tables full of tools and, for just a second, I was looking for the car that these folks were about to tune up. Then, I remembered that these are doctors, not mechanics, and they were delivering a baby, not rebuilding a short block.
The doctor got to Karen just in time to catch our baby and announce that we have a (remember the dream) a baby girl. Two out of three ain’t bad. But, as I was asking to the doctor to hold off before cutting the umbilical cord to let it stop pulsing, it was clamped. Immediately, our daughter was brought to her mama’s chest for skin-on-skin contact and bonding time. We were able to keep her vernix on her skin, which was another thing we were adamant about being able to do at home.

The next two days were spent being waited on hand and foot in a rather nice post-partum room. Our little princess never left our sight and we were able to bring her home on Saturday the 20th. So, after 38 hours of labor and a total of four days between when Karen’s water broke and when we got home, I’m absolutely elated with my little family. The amount of respect and admiration I have for my wife has grown exponentially by the minute. She and our daughter are two tiny troopers with a stubbornness and tenacity that make me proud to be able to grow with them on this crazy journey we’ve begun. It has been the most amazing, terrifying, heart-breaking, and uplifting experience of my life. We may not have gotten the home birth that we had planned for, but in the end, it’s about the outcome more than the way we got there. However, we’ve been told that because we had this hard labor, any subsequent ones should be much easier and we shouldn’t have a problem achieving a birth at home. I thank God for His provision and protection throughout this whole process. We now have the most amazingly beautiful daughter and couldn’t be happier.

Kinsey Blake McLean Porter
Born April 18, 2013
5 pounds 9 ounces
19 inches long.

Stellaina- July 9, 2012

April 23rd, 2013
It was such an honor to be invited into Lindsey and Dan’s home for the birth of their beautiful daughter.  Their birth was my very first Hypnobabies birth and cemented my love for their method.  I was amazed how quickly and calmly her birth went from the time Lindsey’s water broke to when Baby Stellaina made her entrance.   

My Dream Home Birth in Nashville, TN

By Lindsey D.

My birthing process started July 8th around 3:30 am. I believe around this time waves were about 10 minutes apart but I didn’t start timing them until about 7:30am. I figured if this was it then I needed to get plenty of rest. Once I got up around 10:30am they were about 5 minutes apart. My doula, Sarah, had already planned to come over at 12:00pm to meet my mom and grandmother. Anticipating this may be the big day, I texted her letting her know I had been having consistent contractions and to bring her bags.


I also called my midwife, Sheryl, about 11:00am to let her know I had been having some consistent contractions. Her student midwife, Danielle, was about 30min. away and she called her to check me.


Sarah arrived just before 12:00pm and I had just gotten out of a nice warm bath. I was telling her about the morning when my mom and grandmother arrived ready to start the day. We had planned to clean and tackle a few projects that day. They didn’t know I was in labor until Danielle arrived and I started telling her about my contractions. We sat there for a while and she timed my contractions so she could be sure it was early labor.


Throughout the day, my mom and grandmother helped around the house and I swayed or circled on my ball as each contraction passed. They progressively got closer together and I tried to sleep on occasion but there was no sleeping since lying down was so uncomfortable. We put in the movie “Sweeney Todd” but then just talked about our favorite musicals. In the evening, rain started pouring and we opened a bottle of wine, made by Dan’s Grandpa Rick, that he gave us for Christmas. This was definitely a time for celebration! We called our out of town family and let them know we would be having a baby soon.


My husband’s mom, Dorothy, arrived around 8:00pm with his two nieces, Savannah (3) and Alexis (11). My dad and step mom arrived shortly after. Contractions were still about 3 minutes apart and not getting anymore intense so I decided to get in the pool and we sent everyone to their hotels around 11:30pm. Before my midwife, Sheryl, left at 11:45pm she checked me and I was 2cm dilated and fully effaced. Sarah stayed and was going to rest on the couch while Dan and I got some rest upstairs.


I got in the pool and Dan lay down in the bed next to me. We talked a little and then quieted down for about 5minutes. At midnight June 9th I heard and felt a “POP” and gush. I wasn’t sure if my water had broken or I peed because of pressure.  Dan went downstairs, told Sarah and we waited about 15 minutes when I was sure it had broken as my contractions intensified. I called my midwife to let her know and she headed back my way.


Sheryl arrived quickly and lay in the bed resting listening for the rights tones in my voice. I was on my knees leaning over the tub as each wave of pressure intensified. Sarah and Dan would alternate pouring water and putting pressure on my back and hips. I was reminded by my Hypnobabies tracks, in the background, and Sarah to relax, which I did. I breathed and moaned through each contraction and could feel Stella as she moved down. I enjoyed the intensifying pressure because I knew this meant she wasn’t far from making her debut. I talked to her and hummed lowly as time got closer. After a few short hours, I was pushing involuntarily. I could feel and hear Sheryl rush around getting things ready. After a few pushes she came to check Stellaina’s heart rate and I could hear it was significantly lower than her usual 140’s. I knew this meant it was time for her to come out. My midwife checked me and the lip of my cervix was still in the way. Sheryl moved it out of the way through the final contraction. Stella’s head quickly moved through my pelvis and my body pushed her out. After a total of 3-4 pushes Stellaina Rosanna Drury arrived at 2:45am into our home in Nashville, TN. My husband, Dan, was in the pool with me and caught Stellaina as she came out. I turned around, sat in the tub and he handed her to me. We fell in love instantly. Her cord was short so I had to be sure to hold her out of the water. We waited for the cord’s last pulse and Dan cut it. I stayed in the tub as my placenta was delivered with one contraction, a little push from me and a pull on the cord from Sheryl.


I was beginning to get cold and was ready to get out of the tub. Dan took Stella as Danielle helped me into the bed. I was shivering by the time I got into bed but quickly warmed. Dan gave Stella back to me and we shared skin to skin time. She latched within an hour, by the time our family came in to meet her. Grammy was the first person to meet Stellaina and we celebrated that she was born on Grandaddy’s birthday, July 9th. My mom came in and was so excited to meet her first grand baby. Dad and Kim were very proud to have a new granddaughter. It’s rare to see tears in Dad’s eyes but he couldn’t stop them as he looked at this beautiful new baby girl in his life.

At roughly 4:45am, after seeing everyone, my blood pressure was checked and Sheryl measured Stella. She was 5lbs 14oz and 18inches long. Her APGAR score was 9, which means she was strong and healthy. I was stitched up from a small tear. My mom fixed me some noodles. Then me, Stellaina and Dan settled into bed and slept for a long while after our first amazing but exhausting experience together as a family. For the next few days, the rain continued but we didn’t care. All of our focus was on this beautiful blessing sent from God.

Jeremiah- Sept. 23, 2012

December 4th, 2012
I met Sherrie and her family for the very first time the day Jeremiah was born.  I was called in as a backup doula because her primary doula, Heidi, had two moms having babies at the same time!!  Luckily, both families were at the same hospital and Heidi was able to be present from the Grand Finale (the other baby was born 45 minutes later!)  I am so honored to be a part of their birth story.

A Birth Story: “Is There A Doctor In The Elevator?”

By Sherrie F.

To describe the incredibly wonderful birth of Jeremiah I have to go back to April 2011.


Part 1 – Journey

I’m pregnant. And all my thoughts are wrapped in complete FEAR. Not again… I can’t go thru a horrible pregnancy, a medically induced labor, a stressful delivery and a nightmare of a recovery… again. I’ve wanted to have more babies but with the process being what it is I could never make myself jump to that side of the fence again.


But here I was. Sometimes I was happy because the end result would be another precious baby that I couldn’t wait to hold and kiss and snuggle with. But mostly I was horrified. …months of a pregnancy where I gain 45 lbs. and have swollen feet and hands that hurt so badly I would have to sleep sitting up. I didn’t think I could ever go through an impossible pregnancy, labor and delivery again… and the “recovery” after… hemorrhoids, boils, weeks of constipation. I was about to be 40. How in the world was I going to survive this… mentally or physically??


It’s my own feeling sometimes, I believe, that all my stress around those thoughts led to the miscarriage of that sweet baby. On the eve of my 40th birthday, Jesus took her Home. There was more devastation around losing her…. including guilt. Losing her was a possibility that never occurred to me could happen…. but it did.


Part 2 – Jonah

At this point I don’t know if I will ever be pregnant again. Derek and I didn’t go in to getting pregnant “very” purposefully. Since Derek had no desire to see me go through such a hard time of pregnancy and giving birth again, and since neither one of us thought we could endure the death of another baby… I certainly did not know if getting pregnant would ever happen for us again.


So we have “the” discussion… We decide pretty quickly that we are blessed beyond measure and would not “try” for another baby. However, we didn’t “not” try (ha ha) and on New Years Day 2012 I’m pretty sure we’ve conceived a baby. This time… From that moment on… I’m ELATED, to say the very least. I have completely opposite feelings from the very start.


So it’s New Years Day and I decide that if in 2 weeks I really am pregnant… This will be the best, the most beautiful, magical, Heavenly laced pregnancy and birth… EVER. I decide that I am going to see God in all His glory through this pregnancy and birth. Staying so positive that I won’t even use positive phrases that include negative words. (For example: instead of saying “I will not be afraid of giving birth.” I would say “I can’t wait to give birth!” – That took some practice but it’s possible to retrain the way we think.)


Part 3 – Jeremiah

So indeed I am pregnant! I spend the next 9 months learning about

natural birth. The book I hunt down is “A Gentle Birth” by Dr. Gowrie. I hire a doula and a sweet lady to encapsulate my placenta. And I walk 2 miles a day all the way to the last day… this is no doubt the single best thing I did. I used this time on my treadmill to talk to God and Jeremiah. I would rehearse over and over to Jeremiah exactly what was going to take place… the whole process down to every detail… letting him know how much I love him, etc. I would also memorize Scripture, listen to sermans, or if it was raining, we just loved listening to the rain come down.


I also took lots of vitamins, not just a prenatal. I took lots of Omega 3 Fish Oils, D3, and K to name a few of about 20. I also rubbed castor oil in my vagina for months. In the last month I read to use Primose Oil instead, so I did. I also took Primose Oil orally for years, also a great thing to do.


All this to say that my AWESOME experience did not just fall in my lap. I prepared for it. I didn’t just prepare to give birth, I prepared to have a Great birth. I told Jeremiah several times that it was going to be Great…. And it certainly was!!


OK… on to the birth details… These are my actual notes:


Thurs 9/20/2012

I think labor has started. I’ve had contractions since 3am to the point where I could no longer sleep. I was feeling them Wednesday evening but then slept from 10pm to 3am.


I want to try and sleep just a little more. Would like Derek to be able to get in some work hours during this early stage.


To Do:

* Call Heidi (doula) and Sherly (placenta)

* school day with Jonah

* Bake cookies for the L&D Team

* Wrap missionary presents

* Finish packing


Well… Slept good from 5am to 7:30am in my chair. Got up and Walked my 2 miles – Washed clothes – Baked cookies – Wrapped presents.


I am feeling very sick. Like I want to vomit. Have emptied my bowels for sure. Don’t feel like eating.


Was ready to eat at 11:30am. Ate my egg and bacon sandwich. Went to my Dr appt. then home- very tired. (Doctors set up induction for Friday, I refused it, but they had to make the appointment. I don’t care… not going.) Tried to nap. But only rested for 30 min. It’s 3:41pm now and I think I’m hungry.


Ate tuna sandwich, couple of cinnamon cookies, and ramon noodles. I’m good.


Contractions have stopped or at least slowed down to a crawl. It’s 8pm. Slept good all night.


Friday – 9/21/2012

I am supposed to be at the hospital this morning for an induction, but I told them that they were not going to induce me if baby and I were doing well. I skip it. NOTE: My only stress during pregnancy is the doctors telling me I am due 9/9, when I know for sure that I’m due around 9/25. So at this point they think I am 42 weeks pregnant and I know that is wrong, wrong, wrong. (And don’t get me started on due dates, they are all wrong to begin with!)


9pm – Contractions have started up

10:30pm – Contractions continue

11pm – I’m asleep


Saturday 9/22/2012

2am – I’m awake. Pain and contractions. BM. Awake until 6am with contractions.


7:30am – Up and go outside to harvest in garden and pull up weeds for 45 min. This is the first day that I don’t walk 2 miles. Dad and Derek go to Rivergate Mall and drop me, Jonah and Oma off at Cheryl’s.


1:30pm – I’ve had a backache and contractions all day. Nothing consistent. Definitely feel like we r gearing up.

They pick us up and we go to Outback. 3:11pm talked to Heidi. After Outback we go home. I start working on crib bumper. Derek goes with dad to Verizon. Jonah is just playing.


7:30pm – Had a little, very light colored blood show. Now contractions are more consistent and getting stronger. Derek and I talk about birth plan again, then we watch BBC episode of Sherlock Holmes.


Contraction times:

9:15 – 9:17

Jeremiah is very active!!

9:28 – 9:29

9:35 – 9:36

9:41 – 9:42

9:51 – 9:52

9:57 – 9:59

10:12 – 10:13

10:22 – 10:23


11:30pm – Contractions are coming hard and fast. Heidi is here. But will probably leave for second client who is also in labor.


Sun 9/23/2012

12:15am – Heidi leaves. I wake Derek to help me thru contractions. Can’t text with Cheryl anymore.


1:15am – Doula Sarah arrives. Contractions are very, very hard. Ready to quit. Go from sitting on ball to on my knees with arms over ball. Feel out of control. I feel like vomiting thru contractions. Sarah starts bath. But I have to go poop. So sit on toilet. There was a little poop. I wiped myself. Sarah asked me to check myself to see if I can feel Jeremiah’s head… I don’t know what I feel. Doesn’t seem different to me. I tell Sarah that I need to push. Derek gets truck packed up. I’m still on toilet. Water breaks – massive amount of it… Put on pajama pants and house slippers. Ask Derek to get Opa to drive us so he (Derek) can sit in back with me. Want Oma to stay with Jonah.


2:25am – Start to walk to truck. Water keeps breaking thru contractions. Sarah notices Jeremiah has pooped so I need to get to the hospital. But she does nothing to panic me. Actually, I have no idea. Jonah is still sleeping thru all of this. As I am walking out to the truck… in between contractions, I look up to see THE most beautiful sky full of THE brightest stars ever. I get in the truck. I realize later that I am pushing the whole way there… about 25 minutes. Dad is driving with purpose, but keeps his speed in check… he knows that if we get pulled over that will just take more time that we don’t seem to have. Arrive at Bach. Can’t move from truck. Manage to get out and am leaning over truck seat pushing. Dad gets wheelchair and forces me to sit in it, although I don’t think I can… we are into hallway… going up one floor in elevator to second floor.


2:45am – I stand up from the wheelchair while still in elevator. Dad wants me to sit back down. I can’t. Jeremiah is coming. Dad gives me a kiss on the cheek and then bangs, like a maniac, on the elevator doors to open yelling, “OPEN THE DOORS… SHE’S HAVING A BABY!!! OPEN THE DOORS!!” (Where they stuck… no.) The doors open, but I can’t walk… so I can’t walk off the elevator. I just want to squat and drop… baby, that

is. I can start to feel the “ring of fire”… Dad and Derek, and by this time Doula Sarah, each scoot one of my legs exactly 2 steps to get off the elevator. Doula Heidi is at this hospital now and hears me from the waiting room. Dad runs up and down hallway looking for help. Derek takes the snickerdoodle cookies I made to the L&D Front Desk.


Still standing in front of the elevator, I start to strip off my pajama pants to squat… midwives come running up and push me to lay on my back. Immediately I go into a negative mode and for first time think I have no desire to push. Midwives tell me curl up and can push whenever ready. I tell Jeremiah and myself that it’s ok. It’s ok to let the contraction come… I can feel the ring of fire and then every body part of Jeremiah slips out of my body.


2:50am – Jeremiah is born in the elevator hallway!!

Jeremiah making is way Earthside!

Everyone loved the cookies we brought in… So fun.


I had gained 24 lbs with Jeremiah… so much better than with Joshua or Jonah.


Left hospital 36 hours later.


It was amazing. Glorious. The Lord outdid Himself. Every way that I prepared for Jeremiah’s birth, He allowed. And then doubled it all just because He could.


Jeremiah was 9.2 lbs and I did not tear. They said there was one little mark not even worth the discussion. Although I know I did a lot to prepare for this day… None of it touched the preparation that took place on the treadmill each day. Walking and talking with Jesus and Jeremiah… Our chats were wonderful… He amazes me still.

Sherrie and Baby Jeremiah

Isn’t he a cutie?!